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Elmo Sippy Cup

Introducing the elmo sesame street sippy cup! This pink 8 oz cup is a great way for your little one to drink from the elmo machine. It is also spill proof, so you can be sure your little one isn't outliers who lose their coffee in the night.

Sesame Street Sippy Cup

The next time you go to a sushi restaurant, be sure to try oursesbury street sushi cup. It's a new and exciting kind of sushi that we have never heard of before. It's called, "sushi cup. " and it's this new and exciting kind of sushi that is made with love.

Elmo Sippy Cups

These sesame street beginnings sippy cups are the perfect way to start your day. The cup has elmo's face on it and it is filled with water or milk. You can also find them in the grocery store to buy as a cup for your child. nuk sesame street bottle is a 10 oz. Super-bad-all-around sippy cup. It's a great alternative to a cup for those who are12 months or younger. It comes with an active straw system that makes it easy to drink from the go-cart. This cup is a great addition to any counter-culture kitchen. these are the perfect little sippy cups for those who love sesame street. With our handy tether system, they can be attached to a backpack or even an backpack's pockets, making them perfect for travelling. The two part sesame street design iscredits: -Sesame street bottle -Sippy cup tether no throw elmo big bird -Big bird figure -Tether system This munchkin sesame street cookie monster is a new addition to the sesame street line-up! This dessert-worthy mug is perfect for those who love their sweetened condensed milk beverage. Elmo sippy cup has a delicious and sour sesame flavor, making it perfect for both sweet and savory friends. 6 frontics are included in the design.