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Playtex Sippy Cup Replacement Valves

This is a greatspill proof sippy cup replacement valves for your playtex products. They are 2valves with a horizontal design that is also spill proof. They are compatible with all playtex products.

Playtex Sippy Cup Replacement Valves Target

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Best Playtex Sippy Cup Replacement Valves

This playtex sippy cup replacement valves is made of bpa free and has an insert that is made of plastic it is a playtex sippy cup replacement valve. It is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the playtex spill-proof cup. this is a great deal on a new sippy cup replacement valve. The valve is vtg playtex and is used in the playtex cup and some other cup products. You will love the newflo control valves in this cup. our playtex sippy cups have replacement valves that are bpa free. These valves are perfect for those who are looking for a valve that will not let spillage occur. Each bottle of drink is providing the individual with emergency drinking water. This model is also free from harmfulanta toledo this product is a playtex sippy cup replacement valve. It is a 2 pack and each bottle of drink provides emergency drinking water. this playtex sippy cup replacement valve is a good choice for those who want to avoid a spill or in case of a old style valve. The valve is made of durable materials and it will last longer than traditional valves. This valve is also gst and gstlectric ready for use in the kitchen.