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Sippy Cup With Weighted Straw

Our baby sippy cup with weighted straw transition bottle is perfect for a 1 year old or younger. It comes with a handle and is lightweight so they can carry it easily. It is perfect for when they want to get up and go to the park or airport.

Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

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Weighted Sippy Cup With Straw

This little ryna baby weighted straw cup first sippy cup with handle comes with a 8 oz. This cup is a great option for those with children with a growing body. The weight and design gives this cup a smooth feel to it. The straw is also an important feature of this cup, being able to drink from the cup without having to worry about getting your hand wet. beaba is a company that makes a great product line for its stainless steel straw cups. This sippy cup has a weight of 10 ounces and comes with handle for easy carrying. The straw cups are also spill proof, making them a great choice for toddlers. this nuby no spill 360 weighted straw grip n sip tritan cup with hygienic cover is the perfect cup for that last-minute snack or drink. It has a sleek, modern design with a weighty feel to it. The cup is made from high-quality plastic that is easy-to-clean. And it comes with a 360-degree weighty straw grip, making it perfect for any drink. this weighted straw cup is perfect for those who are looking for a cookware that willppelges your food without leaving any mess. The cup has a gulicola brand name and color that will make your food-eating experience more stylish. This cup also comes with a handle for easy carrying.