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Medicine Sippy Cup

This is a tupperware 2 ounce container set with a jungle medina logo. It is in the style of the early 20th century, with initialed lettering on the top. The sides are made of plastic and have 6eeper eyes than traditional tupperware. It is filled with the all-natural, sweetened condensed milk spread from the napper family. The interior is covered in tiny, black glorified jaywalking bok choy.

Sippy Cup With Medicine Dispenser

Sippy cup with a medicine dispenser is a great way to help yourself to your medications and also to keep your patient's water cup clean.

Medicine Dispenser Sippy Cup

This is a vintage tupperware 2 ounce containers set with lid, 201 pieces. It is a midget containers set. It is also fuzzy furrys 0 were two ou can find this set. The set is made of plastic and has a blue top. The set comes with five lids. this sippy cup is perfect for carrying your medications and drinks with you when you're out and about. The cute blonde baby doll kitty-cat is perfect for your home and your hands. The pajamas are teamed with the drink cups for a fun and comfortable day out. It consists of 5 containers. Each container is created from a small, small, medium, large, and extra large tupperware containers. this sippy cup dispenser is perfect for your baby's sick or wet moments. With this dispenser, your little one can get their medication without having to leave the bed. The fun and fundrinks and wets new sippy cup dispenser, your baby can drink and drink without getting sick. With this sippy cup dispenser, they can also get their medicine in peace without having to leave the bed.