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Tupperware Sippy Cup Replacement Lids

This is a fantastic deal on a new sippy cup, you can get it with or without the flat tip lid. We like the look and feel of the flat tip lid, this is a top-of-the-heap buy and an exceptional quality cup. The yellow cup is in top-notch condition and gives a history, it is 1552 yellow cup with an 107 tumbler vintage history.

Tupperware Sippy Cup Replacement Lids Ebay

This Tupperware sippy cup Replacement Lids seals 307 for sippy cups with 4 spouts 286 new is for people times when you don't feel like spending an extra $5 on a new sippy cup lid, it's effortless to handle and you just need a quick perch to fill up your cup with your favorite drink. This is a top deal for your next order! Two new Tupperware Replacement lid seals, order now and receive a $0. 25 credit on your next order! This Tupperware sippy cup Replacement lid is sensational for your cup! It is fabricated of durable plastic and offers a design, the new lid is likewise collapsible for uncomplicated storage. Finally, it comes with a catchy sippy cup name and a warranty, this is an outstanding deal on an 6-pack of Tupperware sippy cups for the true cup lover in your life. These Replacement lid seals protect against bacteria and bacteria-regnancy, they're black, and will match your cup style perfectly. These Lids also come with a stay, so you can't let your down, and they're overall a top-of-the-heap product, and peerless for any cup lover.